Don’t let that stress of helplessness or loneliness stay over you head, when you or your loved one has been arrested for some unfortunate incident. Bad situations do no pick a specific time so we are available round the clock,day or night to help you out in an adverse situation. It will be key for you to have the right mindset and answers before you take the necessary action. Having the right team to guide you to deal with the courts and police department, during this process will be critical.  If you are looking for bail bonds in Windsor North Carolina, we can help you. Our knowledgeable bond agents will walk you through the process to get your loved one home and will ensure that the entire process is stress free.

Few things you should keep in mind when you or your family member is under Windsor police department custody.

Do not panic or run down to the police department. In USA you, your loved one or friend are innocent until proven guilty. Even though the your current situation may seem extreme and your thoughts might make your feel very stressful, having an experienced team of professionals would prove to be  a great help.

In any troubled situation, you might be seriously inclined to rush to help your loved one or friend, however you may help in a better way by thoroughly doing your research. Try not to have an impulsive reaction in situations like this, but proceed with a proper response. The response that is required is completely different than normal in this situation. Try to stay home, do not  wait at the jail and contact a reliable bail bondsman .

If needed try to take  extra few minutes to understand all fees and expenses before you sign any documentation. Those few extra minutes you spend here can  help you save a huge amount of time and stress in the future.

Overview of Windsor county bail bond process

When an individual is arrested by law enforcement, they will be taken to the local police or county sheriff’s department for booking.

The amount of the bail bond is determined by the criminal court judge. Most often, the defendant will be able to post bail immediately.

Posting a bail bond involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by the bail bonding agency, defendant and the co-signer . The bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the court orders.

For the above service, a bail bonds agent will charge a certain amount as a premium (typically 15% of the full bail amount).

After an agreement is reached between the bail bonds agent and the co-signer (family or friends) and all fees are paid, the bail bond agent physically posts a bail bond for the full bond amount with the court.

After all the formalities are completed, the defendant is released on bail and given a date and location to appear in court.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Only 38% see their case dismissed or resolved with no record if they can’t afford the bail bond.
  • Individuals who can’t obtain a bail bond are 90% likely to plead guilty.
  • Only 40% plead guilty if they can afford a bail bond.
  • People who can’t afford a bail bond spend an average of 15 days in jail.
  • With a bail bond, 88% get their case dismissed or resolved without a criminal record.

Bond surrender essentially is a situation, when a person is out on bail before their court date, the person who paid for the bail bond can “surrender” the person they bailed out by returning them to jail. There are a number of reasons this could occur. The bail bondsman or whoever paid for the bail bond may feel uncertain about the person showing up for court so they may want to limit their risk and surrender the person back to the jail. Each bail bondsman can have a contract in place with the person they bail out which typically includes terms on scheduled check-ins with the bondsman and possibly other requirements until the court date. Likewise, a friend or relative who bailed someone out may have their own financial limitations or they are no longer in a pleasant relationship with the person they bailed out. They may “surrender” the person for any of these reasons in order to get their money back.

The bond is good until the case is adjudicated. It means, once the person has been sentenced whether they are innocent or guilty or charges are dismissed , the bond will be absolved.