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Wilmington NC Bail Bonds

Amazing Bail Bonds is a highly reputable and reliable bail bonding company located in Wilmington, North Carolina. When you need to get a Wilmington Bail Bonds we are the company to call

Our goal is to provide our clients with a fast, efficient, and affordable solution to get their loved ones out of jail fast. 

With years of experience in the Wilmington bail bonds industry, we have a deep understanding of the local legal system and a strong network of resources to help our clients through this difficult time.

At Amazing Bail Bonds, we understand that being arrested and facing criminal charges can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. That’s why we offer a wide range of bail bonding services in Wilmington NC to help our clients get their loved ones released from jail as quickly as possible. 

If you have need of Wilmington NC bail bonds our bail bondsman are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with your Wilmington bail bonding services. 

We are always here to answer your questions and provide you with the support and guidance you need when looking for Wilmington Bail Bonds.

Wilmington Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsmen in Wilmington NC are highly trained and knowledgeable about the bail bonding process in Wilmington, NC and New Hanover County

We will work closely with you to understand your specific situation and develop a customized solution to get your loved one out of jail. 

Whether you need a Wilmington bail bonds for a misdemeanor or a felony, we have the expertise and resources to help. Our bail bondsmen in Wilmington are experienced in handling all types of cases and will do everything in their power to get your loved one released as quickly as possible.

At Amazing Bail Bonds, we believe in providing our clients with the highest level of customer service. That’s why we offer flexible payment options and a simple and straightforward application process. 

We understand that the cost of bail can be a financial burden, which is why we offer Wilmington’s most affordable bail bond rates and flexible payment plans to help make the bail bonding process as stress-free as possible.

In addition to our Wilmington bail bonds services, we also offer a range of other resources and support to help our clients through this difficult time. 

Our bail bondsmen in Wilmington NC are knowledgeable about the local legal system and can provide you with information and guidance on the next steps in your loved one’s case. 

We can also connect you with local attorneys and other resources to help you navigate the legal system and get the support you need.

At Amazing Bail Bonds, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality. 

All our bail bondsmen in Wilmington are licensed and insured, and we adhere to the highest ethical standards in the industry. We understand the importance of privacy and will do everything in our power to protect your rights and confidentiality.

Post Bail for Any Wilmington & New Hanover Correctional Center

Wilmington bail bonding

Overview of The Wilmington NC Bail Bonds Process

  1. After an individual is arrested by law enforcement in New Hanover County, they are first taken to the local police or county sheriff’s department for booking.
  2. The amount of the bail bond is determined by the criminal court judge; which usually allows you, the defendant, to post bail immediately.
  3. Gather as much information as you can regarding your friend or loved ones case.
    • Their complete name, date of birth, where they are booked, booking number and the alleged charges being brought against them are all useful pieces of information.
  4. Contact Amazing Bail Bonds and one of our licensed Wilmington bail bondsman will discuss your unique situation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • Typically an agency charges 15% of the full bail amount as a premium. The premium is not refundable.
    • Collateral can also be used to satisfy the premium. This is typically a high value item like a home, car, art, or jewelry.
  5. After an agreement is reached between the bail bonds agent and the indemnitor (family or friends) and all fees are paid, the bail bond agent physically posts a bail bond for the full bond amount with the court.
  6. The defendant is released on bail with the understanding of being compliant of all conditions by the court and bail agent. The main one being to appear in court on the date and location assigned.
    • FYI: Actual processing time of release will vary depending on the jail and if it is crowded.
  7. If the defendant does not appear in court, the bail bond agent will locate him or her and return them back to jail.
    • Monies and collateral could possibly be lost in this event
  8. If defendant is compliant and appears in court the bond is complete when the trial is over.