Have you or your loved one gotten arrested and now you find yourself on this website trying to figure out your next steps?You’ve come to the right place.Getting arrested is not fun and often times it causes a great deal of stress for both the jailed individual and their friends and family. Finding yourself or your loved on in the custody of the police of Moore County North Carolina, you may wonder what your options are and how to seek help and you may consider getting a bail bond. Most people believe, having a friend of family member pay a small fee would grant the jailed person their freedom until their next court date. This is only the basic concept, there is more to the process than that.Individuals who have never dealt with the criminal justice system, who unfortunately find themselves in a devastating situation such as ending up in jail, usually do not have the thorough enough understanding as to what to do next. They may hear that their bail is set to $50,000 and figure that means they would need to spend a lot more than just a few hours in lock up as people typically do not have $50,000 lying around up for grabs. This is where we come in to assist you.

We will help you understand:

  • How bail works.
  • How courts determine bail amounts.
  • How much you must pay.
  • What kind of payment methods you can use.
  • And other similar questions.


All of our bail bond agents are licensed by the state of North Carolina and have completed comprehensive background checks. See below to understand the process of bail bonds in Moore County, North Carolina.

Overview of Moore County bail bond process

Step 1: When an individual is arrested by law enforcement, they will be taken to the local police or county sheriff’s department for booking.

Step 2: The amount of the bail bond is determined by the criminal court judge. Most often, the defendant will be able to post bail immediately.

Step 3: Posting a bail bond involves a contractual undertaking guaranteed by the bail bonding agency, defendant and the co-signer . The bail bond is a financial guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court each and every time the court orders.

Step 4: For the above service, a bail bonds agent will charge a certain amount as a premium (typically 15% of the full bail amount).

Step 5: After an agreement is reached between the bail bonds agent and the co-signer (family or friends) and all fees are paid, the bail bond agent physically posts a bail bond for the full bond amount with the court.

Step 6: After all the formalities are completed, the defendant is released on bail and given a date and location to appear in court.

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