What to do when you are arrested in Durham, NC?

Let’s face it.

Getting arrested is an extremely daunting experience for anyone. The horrors of facing jail time can be frightening when your freedom is taken away. When someone is arrested and taken to jail, the judge will set the defendant’s bail amount.

If you are able to pay the amount, you can go home until your trial starts. If not…you’re stuck!

Bail is like an insurance policy. The idea is that you won’t skip town and lose all your money to the courts. You may be considered a flight risk – even if you are innocent until proven guilty.

It could take several months of waiting for your court date. That precious time will be stolen from you, leaving you out of work and stuck in jail. You’re entire life will be put on hold unless you pay the bail.

At Amazing Bail Bonds, we understand, and we’re to help! Our #1 goal is to provide you a smooth experience and to get your loved one home. As a leading bail bond agency we are proud to serve in the Carthage area, and in several other locations throughout North Carolina.

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That really depends on the severity of the crime involved, the defendant’s criminal history, whether or not the defendant is a flight risk and your financial situation. If this is a first offense for a minor crime, you may get lucky with a low cost of bail.

Let’s say that the judge sets the amount of your bail at $50,000. Most folks don’t have that type of money laying around. So what do you do? The answer is to go to a bail bonds company.

Fortunately, bail bonds are your ticket to freedom until your set court date. A bail bond company in Durham will work with you and your family to help get you home and get on with your life.

If you can’t afford to post the bail, the bonds process is the easiest and fastest way to get out of jail.

The bail bonds company will require only a fraction of the total cost and offer easy payments while you await for the court date. This usually is about 15% of the total bail money that you won’t get back.

The bail bonds agent will pay the full $50,000 to the court for you, essentially guaranteeing your appearance on your trial date. If you fail to appear, then he’s out of his money and has a grand incentive to track you down and take you back to jail.

You can put up assets available as collateral to get your ticket to freedom. Bail bond agents will help you find ways to afford their fee for bailing you out so long as you uphold the terms for doing so.

If you fail to show up for court, the bail bonds agent has the right to track you down and take you back to jail. Anything you have as collateral may be ceased to pay the bail bond back in full.

So long as you keep up with your payments and uphold the terms of the bail bond, you won’t have anything to worry about. If the defendant is a loved one, it is your responsibility that they make their court date.

Usually, bailing someone out of jail can take minutes to hours depending on how crowded the jail is. When the bail bonds agent posts the bail, you have to wait for the jail system to process it. With the right Durham county bail company, the defendant should be released in a timely manner.

Even though hiring a bail bonds company in Durham is generally more expensive than paying the bail yourself, it is the fastest way to bail out when you don’t have the cash.

Usually only 15% of the bail is required by the agent and the payments are affordable. Their knowledge of the criminal justice system provides a beneficial hand when trying to deal with the situation at hand.

It only takes one call, at any time. Bail bonds in Durham are available 24/7.

For most people, price is always a factor.

Working with an expert can save you time and even money. It is important to pick a bail bondsman who is a licensed professional.

They should be able to explain the bail bonds process in plain language. Make sure that they break down all the costs and details you need to know before proceeding.

There are scary stories about bondsmen who are shady and untrustworthy. You need to make sure that you are doing business with a reasonable and professional agent.

Do some ground research. Read reviews online, consult your attorney and don’t spend money without proper documentation. This can save you if your dealing with a bondsman who doesn’t have your best interests in mind.

The Durham county bail company will work personally with you to discuss which assets you can put up as collateral. Homes and cars are the usual option for most people. If you are struggling with finding assets, you can reach out to other friends and family members who can help.

Since bail bonds are like a loan, you need to make sure you can afford the payments, otherwise the defendant might be subjugated to returning to jail along with losing any collateral you had put down. If you make your payments and show up to court then you will be just fine.

Dealing with bail bonds doesn’t have to be a nightmare.Hire a professional who is passionate about second chances to people who need it. Using bail bonds to get out of jail can be a scary and overwhelming process. Durham County Bail understands how stressful this can be for you and your family and will work in a timely fashion to get you home.