Bail Bonds Cheap

The cost of your bail bond in dollars is only one part of the total cost that you need to consider. Some disreputable bail bond services would prefer that you miss a court appearance so they can collect your collateral. Working with a bail bondsman that is focused on helping you through this process is much less expensive since you are more likely to keep your collateral and stay out of jail. Let’s look at the hidden costs of bail which are often overlooked.

How much does bail really cost?

When you are working hard to make enough money to make it till your next paycheck money is a big deal. This is how a lot of people live, from paycheck to paycheck. Making a big purchase often requires weeks or months of saving. Bail, unfortunately, is a sudden unexpected expense, one that can typically be several thousands of dollars.  Out of reach for the average person to get their friend or loved one out of jail.</p A judge determines the amount of bail set by factoring in the following.


  • The defendant’s criminal history
  • The seriousness of the alleged crime
  • If the defendant is a flight risk
  • If the defendant is a danger to the community
  • The defendant’s financial resources


Times are tough. Most families do not even have enough saved for emergencies, least of all one such as bail. However, missing work while sitting in jail waiting for a court date isn’t an option either.

When you can’t afford bail

When you can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to get your friend or loved one out of jail there are options such as a bail bond company. A bail bond company is open 24/7 – with just a call you can start the process of getting your friend or loved one out of jail.

A bail bond company can’t offer you a cheap bail, but they can offer cheap bail bonds. Generally, 15% of the actual bail amount. That 15% can even be made with a small down payment and payment arrangements. Making getting someone out of jail easy and affordable.

Why use a bail bond company?

  1. Cheaper than paying bail
  2. One call starts the process
  3. Affordable payment plans
  4. They understand the process
  5. Verify information for you

A bail bond is generally 1/10th the cost of bail. The bail bond company offers affordable payment plans in some cases with little or no collateral. Because it only takes one phone call to start the process it makes getting your loved one out of jail faster.

When you call a bail bond company you receive courteous professional service from someone who understands the process. They will call the jail for you and get the most up to date information so there won’t be any surprises when they meet with you to post the bond. They will find out if there are any additional holds or warrants for your friend or loved one.

A Cheap Bondsman and Cheap Bail Bonds may actually save you a pile of Benjamins!

How long does bail take?

When you receive that late-night phone call from a loved one usually in tears begging you to get them out of jail, you of course want to do everything you can to get them out quickly. With the right bail bond company, you can have your friend or loved one out of jail in just a few hours. When done properly the process should be quick and easy.

Work with an expert

For most people the most important factor is the price but working with an expert in the field will not only save you money but time.

A professional honest bail bond company will be:


  • Licensed
  • A member of the better business bureau
  • Be able to explain the process
  • Be able to break down the cost


Getting your friend or loved one out of jail on a bond may seem like a scary and complicated process, a bail bond company can secure your loved one’s timely release from jail. They understand the how stressful this time could be for your family. They will process all the paperwork and are ready to help you with a variety of services, payment plans with compassion and skill. They will make all the needed arrangements to get your loved one out of jail in no time.

Do you need collateral?

While bail bonds can be seen as a type of loan and most bail bond companies require some type of collateral there are bond companies that will work with you to help making the process of securing a bond easier. Many bail bond companies will accept credit cards and offer payment plans.

It is important to get your friend or loved one on track after their release from jail. Making sure they follow the rules of the court and the bond company. You are responsible to ensure that they show up for all their court appearances. Remember, you will be held responsible for them if you sign for a bond. This becomes extremely important if you use your car or home as collateral.